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Your company in line with the best environment, social and governance practices.


ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is a way of defining whether company operations are socially responsible, sustainable and properly managed. The concept is used to describe how much a business seeks ways to minimize its impacts on the environment, cares about people and adopts good administrative practices. This metric occurs in three dimensions of the business:

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The Environmental criterion sees how the company acts in the management of nature, what its corporate practices are related to environmental issues, such as carbon emissions, use of renewable energies, air and water pollution, deforestation, disposal policies and management of waste, among others.

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Social examines whether the organization violates universal human rights, monitoring the company's relationships between workers, suppliers and the communities where they operate.

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The Governance assessment, on the other hand, involves business management practices linked to the fight against corruption and compliance. It has the same basis of values ​​preached by the ten Principles of the Global Compact for sustainable development.

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